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How to make celery juice - recipes and benefits

Celery Juice

How to Make Celery Juice Easily!🥬 Recipes & Health Benefits

Would you like to know how to make homemade celery juice with a juicer or blender? 

Are you unsure of whether celery juice is good for you? Or maybe you just want to make some healthy and delicious recipes.

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’m going to show you the 6 best celery juice recipes out there and also 14 benefits of drinking celery juice.

This is the Juicer I’ve used in the video:

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How it all started...

Most of us have probably heard of celery juice and its benefits two or three years ago. However, Anthony William revealed the benefits of this superfood way back in 1975.

Through his website, Medical Medium, William claims that, by regularly drinking a potent elixir, you can heal different kinds of illness ranging from mental and physical to the spiritual and emotional. Science has yet to support this claim, but William reveals that celery juice can “flush out toxins, dead pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, and pathogenic neurotoxins and debris from every crevice of the body.” 

He has gone on to write a series of books that support his claim, eventually making his name known in the wellness and health arena. Popular celebrities such as Robert De Niro and Gwyneth Paltrow attest to the benefits of celery juice, and so started the rise to fame of celery juice. 

With a devoted following and well-known personalities backing him up, Williams has finally succeeded in encouraging people to juice their way to healthy lives. 

Are you curious to try the trend that Williams has introduced into the wellness community? It all starts with learning how to make celery juice and we’ll talk about that in the next section.

Here's The Top 6 Celery Juice Recipes Out There

We’ve listed 6 easy recipes that you can try at home. If you want more recipes, check this 15 juicing recipes for weight loss post. One more thing before we dive in, make sure to get a trusty, good juicer or blender to make the recipes we have outlined for you below. 

1 Ingredients | 5 Minutes

1. The "EZ-Celery" Juice Recipe
The EZ-Celery Juice Recipe​

This is the Juicer I’ve used in the video:

Are you ready to make an easy and quick recipe? Well, drinking plain celery juice is considered a very healthy and excellent way to start the day. Highly recommended!



  1. Wash the celery 
  2. Cut the celery’s leaves  
  3. Put the stalks into the juicer. 
  4. Done, enjoy your pure juice.

2. The "Sweetydox" Juice - Carrot, Apple, and Celery Recipe

7 Ingredients | 20 Minutes | 190 Calories

The Sweetydox Juice - Carrot, Apple, and Celery Recipe​

This is the Juicer I’ve used in the video:

Sweet and detoxifying – kids love this recipe! 



  1. Wash your ingredients to make sure that the bacteria and the E. coli are washed off. 
  2. Next, cut your apples 
  3. Peel the carrots and cut them into small pieces, just to make sure they fit into the chute of your juicer. 
  4. Put all the ingredients into your juicer/blender excluding the tablespoons lemon juice.
  5. Once your juice is ready, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

3. The "Nutri-Boost" Juice - Celery and Kale Recipe

7 Ingredients | 20 Minutes | 190 Calories

Drinking celery juice is already healthy enough as it is, but just imagine adding another equally respected superfood into the mix: kale, one of the world’s healthiest foods. This juice may have a strong taste to it, but its rich flavors will certainly give you the nutritional boost that you need. 



  1. The first thing that you always need to do is wash the ingredients to remove bacteria. 
  2. Next, chop the celery stalks, apple and cucumber. Then peel the lemon. 
  3. Squeeze all the ingredients into your juicer, except the chia seeds.
  4. If you are using a blender, simply add all the ingredients with an additional 1 cup of chilled water and add ice if you want to. Before pouring into a glass, strain the shake using a mesh strainer.

4. The "Super-Veggie" Juice - Carrots, Broccoli, and Celery Recipe

4 Ingredients | 2 Minutes 

I know what you’re thinking.

Just the thought of broccoli with celery might sound like a weird combination.

However, juicing these together not as bad as it sounds. Even children love drinking it.



  1. Prepare your ingredients and wash them properly before cutting them up.
  2. Chop the carrots and simply insert all the ingredients to your juicer/blender.
  3. Serve and enjoy the fresh juice.

5. The "Celeginger" Juice - Celery and Ginger Recipe

4 Ingredients | 5 Minutes 



  1. Wash your ingredients.
  2. Peel the lemon and chop the celery stalk and raw ginger to small pieces.
  3. Put the ingredients in the juicer, then serve and enjoy. 
  4. If you are using a blender: start blending it with 1/4 cup of water, then if it’s not blending it properly, add more water. Once ready, strain through a mesh strainer, serve and enjoy.

6. The "Spicy-Green" - Jalapeno Pepper, Celery Recipe

7 Ingredients | 10 Minutes 



  1. Wash your ingredients.
  2. Insert these ingredients into your juicer: kale, cucumber, celery, lettuce, and jalapeno. 
  3. Put the juice into a blender or a shaker cup and add the lime and the camu berry power, then blend or shake it again.
  4. Serve and enjoy.

14 Healthy Benefits of Celery Juice

When it comes to exploring the benefits of celery juice, the first thing you need to know is the direct benefits of celery as a vegetable. Celery has low calories and it can help your body heal inflammations. Other than that, it contains two antioxidants: apigenin and luteolin. When juiced, the effects of these antioxidants become even more potent and can result in more balance to your body. 

A. Anti-Inflammatory

Gout, Bronchitis, Lupus. These are just some examples of diseases that can cause lowered immunity due to high inflammation in the body. 

Inflammation in our body can be caused by stress, a poor diet, allergies, etc.

A study in 2017 proves the efficacy of celery in reducing inflammation, particularly it’s compound luteolin. 

The study claims that when you drink a celery juice before exposing to allergens, it can significantly reduce the effects of the inflammation and mitigates your body’s response to allergies. It is also important to know that celery is a low-starch vegetable that can keep the effects of inflammation away.

According to the Medical Medium, celery juice is very helpful with anti-inflammatory and can be highly beneficial for anyone that suffers from: IBS, Vertigo, Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Lupus, Guillain-Barre, Raynaud’s, Sarcoidosis, Bursitis, GERD, Meniere’s, Restless Leg Syndrome and Gout. Celery juice eliminates bacteria that has no use for us. For example, mold, fungi, and viruses that exist in the body. It helps us release these toxins from our digestive system.

B. Suppresses arthritis

Another anti-inflammatory compound that can be found in celery is apigenin. In another study conducted in 2017, apigenin was found to suppress cell maturation that eventually causes arthritis. The study experimented on mice and they showed less tissue inflammation than another set of mice who were not administered apigenin. 

With celery containing high dosages of this compound, apigenin can reduce the signs and symptoms of arthritis as well. This is, of course, in combination with other compounds present in celery juice such as luteolin and apiin. 

Dr. Josh Axe said that the reason celery juice can help suppress arthritis is that it contains polysaccharides and antioxidants that help with anti-inflammatories, particularly flavonoid and polyphenol antioxidants.

C. Balances the acid in your body

Our diet is loaded with acid that disturbs the natural balance in our bodies. This results in a chemical imbalance that targets our organs. By drinking celery juice, you’ll be able to keep your organs healthy and functioning for longer.

D. Protects against brain diseases

With the true heroes in celery (luteolin and apigenin) working together to give you the best chance at living a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, you can enjoy more protection in your body, especially your brain. See, it has been proven that these compounds can reduce the possibility of certain diseases.

Any brain abnormalities and possible diseases can be prevented with a glass or two of celery juice a day. Not only will you have a better cognitive function, but studies point that this healthy beverage can help you improve your memory and aid in learning too.

To top this all off, there has been researched done on the effect of celery juice in treating the early signs of Alzheimer’s. Of course, conclusive evidence still needs to be established, but if memory degradation can be halted by simply drinking the juice, that’s not too hard a bargain, is it?

E. Improves fertility

If you’re trying to have kids, then drinking a glass or two of celery juice often might be a good idea. Recent studies on animals have shown that celery juice has been known to stimulate libido and aid spermatogenesis.

We have flavonoids in celery to thank for this. It’s been proven to boost sperm count that aids in fertility.

F. Prevents cancer

Not to be mistaken with store-bought celery powder that you can buy in the market, fresh celery juice is actually said to halt the growth of cancer cells. It does so by keeping cancer cells from metastasizing. This is because new blood vessels forming around existing tumors are what causes cancer cells to spread, and celery juice halts this process on its tracks.

If by any chance, cancer cells have already spread and you or your loved one is undergoing chemotherapy, celery juice might help too. Another benefit that this particular health juice is that it is said to increase the potency of chemotherapy drugs that attack cancer cells, and stop them on their tracks. On top of all of this, this juice can also reduce the toxic effects of this particular drug on your body.

Read more details about research on how celery can destroy cancer cells here.

G. Lowers cholesterol levels

Studies point out that there is a direct correlation between stress and blood pressure. While it is important to be more mindful of your stress levels and keep it from escalating, your diet matters in this endeavor too. Vegetable juices, especially kale and celery juices, are particularly ideal for this situation.

For one, celery leaves and their stalks contain compounds, and apigenin, that can help detoxify your body. What this does is make sure that your metabolism is working properly and that there are no lipids accumulated in your body. Celery acts by preventing the storage of cholesterol in our bodies and keeps it from entering our blood.

On top of prevention, celery has also been proven to decrease the density of lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. This means that it reduces symptoms for hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

H. Reduces symptoms of high blood pressure

While we’re at the topic of hypertension, let’s talk about blood pressure too. There are food items that are high in fat and cause hypertension when eaten often. On the other hand, there are food items that contain chemicals that can keep your blood pressure balanced. Celery is one such antihypertensive. 

In particular, celery seeds contain potent amounts of antihypertensive properties, according to this study published in the Natural Medicine Journal. Here, over 30 participants with high blood pressure were asked to take part in the study. They were each given a 75 mg celery capsule that they need to take twice a day for a total of 6 weeks. At the end of the study, the participants were screened again and it was found out that there was a significant decrease in their blood pressure.

That’s a capsule–just imagine the benefits that fresh juicing would give you. 

I. Increases cardiovascular health

With luteolin consistently administered through celery juice, you can give your heart better chances of becoming healthier too.

With regular intake of celery juice, you can increase the protection of your heart and disable free radicals that cause damage to it.

J. Detoxifies your body

Juicing, in general, is known to help kickstart a healthy lifestyle. When done right, it can help you introduce healthy enzymes into your gut so that it can work more efficiently and boost your metabolism better.

Celery juice is one of the more popular ways of drinking your green, leafy vegetables. It flushes toxins from your body, boosts your immune system, and contributes to an overall more energized feeling.

K. Clears up skin

Sometimes, inflammation can creep up on us through symptoms such as pimples and rosacea. With celery juice, you can refresh your skin and alkalize your skin, getting rid of the bumps and imperfections along the way.

This does so by helping you flush out the toxins that cause pimples on your skin. Plus, it’s rich in folate and vitamins A and C to help you fight inflammation and infection. Enjoy smooth and acne-free skin by regularly drinking celery juice.

L. Protects the liver

The liver’s main function is to detoxify your body–but what is in charge of detoxifying your liver? The straight answer: you, and the diet you consume. With the anti-inflammatory benefits that your liver provides, it’s to your best interest to feed it with only the healthiest food, celery juice especially.

By drinking this super-juice regularly, you can aid in reducing the lipid formed in your liver.

M. Protects the kidney

Sodium and potassium are two minerals that you can find in abundance in celery juice. These minerals regulate the fluid in your body and act as a great diuretic for it. With your kidney protected by regularly drinking celery juice, you will be able to prevent the likelihood of UTI and other kidney issues. Not to mention, you can keep gallstones and kidney stones from forming as well.

N. Improves sleep

A plant-based diet assists in helping you get the shut-eye that you need. This is especially true if you consume vegetables that are high in dietary polyphenols. Celery, as you might have guessed, is rich in this. It helps regulate your circadian rhythm, helping you feel more well-rested.

Celery Juice: A Trend Worth Trying Out

We’ve learned how to make celery juice, what its benefits are, and why it has become so popular. Despite all the research done and the likelihood of celery being the superfood that your diet is missing, it’s important to try the legitimacy of this beverage for yourself. After all, what works for others might not for you–or vice versa.

Just by the amount of fiber on celery juices alone, this signals a better chance for your gut to function more properly. Its inflammatory benefits are palpable as well. So, go ahead and try out this juice for yourself and feel the difference.

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