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At Best Blender USA, we’re dedicated to offering you a comprehensive, and well-researched collection of information, entertainment, and guidance around juicing, and healthy dieting solutions. Whether you’re brand-new to juicing and you want to learn which blenders could give you the best value for money – or you’ve been juicing for a while and need to expand your recipe book, we’ve got you covered.


Best Blender USA started from a simple desire to bring the joy and goodness of juicing to more people around the world. Although many of you already know just how incredible juicing can be for weight loss, fitness, and immune-system support, new research is constantly being uncovered about the potential of using juice to supplement nutritional intake.

Our articles and reviews are written by people who have experienced the wonders of juicing themselves, and feel real passion about the value of consuming fresh produce in liquid form.

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“We’re all about health. The team at Best Blender USA came together over a mutual love of nutrition. Some have used the power of juicing to help them overcome and manage the symptoms of chronic problems like depression, diabetes, and fatigue, whereas others simply appreciate a quick and simple way to boost their exposure to vitamins and minerals.

We’re here to welcome you to the juicing lifestyle, no matter where your journey into nutrition began. Here, we’re all about health and fitness, and we’re looking at ways that you can make the most of juicing, whether you only have time for one juice a week, or you’re juicing several times a day! We’re even going to give you advice on how to find the best blenders for your budget, because we believe that everyone should uncover the power of juicing for themselves.

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