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10 Best Juicers on The Market to Buy 🤩(Top Rated Machines)

What is the best juicer on the market?

Here’s the ultimate list to help you find the best deal for you. I know, there are so many juicers out there, so many things to consider, so many features and different benefits from each juicer… So let me make your life easier and filter your options to these 10 juicers. These are the BEST JUICERS ON THE MARKET to get for your home, you have my word! 

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Top 10 Best Juicers on The Market to Buy
A good juice maker machine is a popular commodity in any home, however, there are many models of low-quality juicers. Such juicers will produce poor quality juice, the juice will not come out clear, and there will be many pieces of vegetables or fruits in it. Additionally, those poor quality juicers typically don’t last for so long. That’s exactly why you want to make sure you get one of the best juicers on the market 🙂

The Difference Between Masticating to Centrifugal

In Short:
  • Masticating = Slow Juicer = Juice with higher nutritional value
  • Centrifugal = Quicker Juicer = Save Time and Work

A slow juicer is a coil-operated juicer with the same principle of operation as cold pressing. By using a slow juicer, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is better preserved because they are not getting cut by metal. Unlike a centrifugal juicer, a slow juicer does not cut food quickly with metallic blades, so no oxidation and heating are impaired by the nutritional values of the juice.


Here’s something important to know:

  • More powerful motor = greater squeeze power
  • If you use a slow juicer that operating the coil, the nutritional values maintained the same, no matter what speed you are using- whether it’s 40 rpm or 80 rpm.

Centrifugal Juicer Type Pros and cons

  • Typically comes with extra parts which make the cleaning easier.
  • Saving time and work by extracting the juice raw materials fast.
  • Works great with soft fruits.
  • Typically a smaller and compact juicer. Takes less space in the kitchen
  • Tend to be cheaper, more affordable and inexpensive than other types of juicers.
  •  Juice quality is lower than that produced in slow juice juicer, because of the high rpm
  •  Can be noisy
  • Not so good with leafy vegetables or wheatgrass
  • Less fresh time of the juice
  • Juice might contains vegetables and fruits parts
  • It is not recommended to use nuts and seeds in this type

Masticating Juicer Type Pros and cons

  •  Produces the juice with the highest quality
  •  Usually, a product that lasts longer
  • Less oxidation compared to other types
  • Can be used to squeeze frozen fruits
  • Can squeeze vegetables like kale, celery wheatgrass ,and hay
  • Can be used for making baby food, nut butter or nut milk
  • Produces a big amount of juice from the raw materials
  • A Quiet juicer
  • It takes more time to produce juice with it
  • Typically there’s a smaller fairy, so it might to extra time for using it 
  • The  cost tends to be expensive than centrifugal
  • Takes more space

questions to ask yourself before buying a juicer

  • Is it easy to squeeze?
  • Is it possible to squeeze the whole fruits and vegetables?
  • What’s the size of the fairy?
  • Is there a special brush for cleaning the sieve?
  • Does the brush that comes in the cleaning kit have sufficiently stiff bristles to effectively clean the sieve nozzles?
  • Which juicer is more suited to your comfortable life, quicker or slow?
  • What do you care more about the most – the speed or the quality of nutrients in the juice? of course, if it’s the speed then choose a Centrifugal type, if it’s the quality of the nutrients, choose the Masticating type.

This is it. I hope you found this comparison useful and it helped you decide which juicer is the best juicer on the market to buy. Go ahead, grab yours today and start making tasty, fresh and healthy nutritious juice every day. Get some fruits and vegetables and try one of these 15 Juicing recipes for weight loss, I think you might like them. 

One more thing… if you are not sure how to use a commercial juicer- check this video on youtube.

If you have more questions or want to share with us your thoughts, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below- I would love to talk to you.

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