Brentwood JB 330BL 2 Speed Blender Plastic, (Dark Grey, ) BN701

Brentwood JB 330BL 2 Speed Blender Plastic – Owned by Ninja, with The Color of Dark Grey, Originally made in China

Brentwood JB 330BL 2 Speed Blender Plastic


The name of the brand: Brentwood
The color of the product: Blue
The material of the product is: Plastic
What is the wattage of the product? 350 watts
The dimensions of the product are: 13.4 x 9.7 x 8.3 inches
The weight of the product is: 4.15
The ASIN of the product is: B082BFB46D
The item model number is: JB-330BL
This product was first available on: December 4, 2019
The manufacturer of this product is: Brentwood Appliances

Good/Bad Features:

How Easy to clean is this product?
It’s good, not perfect.
How Blending power is this product?
It’s fine.
How Noise level is this product?
It’s not so good


Main Category: Home & Kitchen
Sub Category: Kitchen & Dining
Sub Category: Small Appliances
Sub Category: Blenders
Sub Category: Countertop Blenders


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